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Known as mind power lady, Dr. Angela Wilson (Ph.D.) earns her authority of the most mysterious part of the human mind, that is unknown by the most through daring adventure risking her life in the darkest part of human minds connecting infinite universal matrix.

Dr Angela Wilson is identified as the first person who connects consciousness with unconsciousness and merges them to activate the infinite human potential. 
She shares her discovery as a serial entrepreneur, infinite potential wealth & success coach, inspirational speaker, keynote presenter, Celebrity Interviewer, Global Peace Ambassador, Actress, performer, political member, animal advocate, and more. 

As a holistic researcher and solution provider on the root causes of human tragedy from the cradle to the grave and earth misery-Matrix and Mind Matrix, she never stops searching for the next level of solution to enhance mysterious humanity.

She invested over one million US dollars in research and her refined cutting-edge "hacking the hacker " program series that can take those who are ready for each next level of mental freedom to any unlimited level they want.
She releases the ultimate mental skill "Hacking The Hacker" program series worldwide as a holistic consultant, coach, healer, trainer, therapist, award-winning energy master, etc.

 When most of us live in COVID 19 fear and the sense of uncertainty, Dr already freed herself long decades back. Her privileged childhood allowed her to foresee any unpredictable human misery and took a proactive approach and started to train herself for any unknown and "what if" situation at the age of six by hacking the hacked unconscious mind through activating multi-dimensional function of minds.
She has taken many fearless journeys to the next level whenever needed to discover a new level of freedom, like a phoenix rising from the ashes. This is why she is capable of dealing with the most intricate issues in the minds and freeing anyone who desires unlimited freedom within. 

Dr spent over forty years refining the secret formula "Achievers Superpower" with multi-level options and unlimited angles. It benefits from her unique upbringing in a western medical family with 11 generations of Chinese herbal medicine practitioner Heritage; the 22nd generation on energy healing; academic study; holistic qualifications; rich clinical experience; and unstoppable cross-disciplinary testing bridging the gap between physical world, metaphysical world, quantum physics theory, in business, career, and personal life.

She is a regular guest as a renowned speaker and keynote presenter at many World conferences 2021 each month which conduct online due to COVID.

Below are several samples she spoke about.
  • 3r World Congress on Epilepsy And Brain Disorders, Topic: Innovation On Medical treatment With The Power Of Unused Unconscious Mind For Epilepsy And Brain Disorders
  • 4th International Conference on Neuro-Oncology and Neuro Surgery, Topic: The Connection Between The Inaccessible Unconscious Mind & Nervous System & Human Disease
  • Paediatric Conference 2021, Topic: Power Of The Unconscious Mind -Paediatrics & Child Health 
  • Mental health conference, Topic: Power Of Unconscious Mind-Kill The Root Causes Of …
  • ​3rd Depression & Neurology Congress, Topic: Power Of The Unconscious Mind-Mental Health Prevention And Instant Recovery
  • ​2nd International Conference on Physical Medicine and rehabilitation,  Topic: The Hidden Connection Between The Unconscious Mind And Holistic Rehabilitation
  • Psychiatry & Psychosomatic Medicine 2021, Topic: The Hidden Connection Between The Unconscious Mind & Mental Health & Hypnotic rhythm
  • ​3rd international conference-Clinical Microbiology, Virology, and Infectious Diseases  Topic: The Connection Between The Unconscious Mind & COVID-19 & Virus & Infectious Diseases
  • ​3rd Global Congress on Oncology and Radiology Topic: The Hacked Unconscious Mind-The Root Cause Of Cancer 
  • 7th International Conference on Physics Topic: The Connection Between Unconscious Mind & Quantum Physics & Stephen Hawking's Discovery
  • The 4th International Conference On Epigenetics & Human Disease, Topic: The Connection Between The Unconscious Mind And Human Disease
  • ​14th World Congress on Food Chemistry and Food Microbiology, Topic: The Connection Between Inaccessible Unconscious Mind & Heavily Processed Food
Dr Angela Wilson was also invited as a member of the advisory committee, Chairperson, some of the conferences. 

How Was The Hidden force-Unconscious Mind Discovered?

Unlike most of us who grew up with playgrounds, Dr. Angela Wilson grew up with highly stressed doctoral parents in the hospital environment. 

Dr Angela Wilson experienced the whole human emotions in the first six years of her life which urged her to take a proactive approach in life, which can ensure her ultimate success. Her story, your inspiration.

She foresaw the miniature of personal tragedy and human misery regardless of personal social and financial power.

It motivated her to fight against the control of their Unconscious mind the most mysterious part of the human mind that is unknown by the most.

When most of us live in fear and uncertainty about the future due to COVID, she had gone through and survived worse emotions since birth.

As a result, she successfully dominated the unconscious mind and built a proactive blueprint for her whole life at age six. 
She freed herself from human nature's limitations and took the liberty to the next level after reaching the top desire of Maslow's human need hierarchy in her early thirties. By 2012, she has successfully built her path to the next destination after this life. 

She shares her secret three-step simplified mental weapon with achievers who want to explore infinite potential-the power of the unconscious mind through tangible alignment with YinYang property, investment, variety of career, business, generational wealth, etc.

Born To Be An Warrior

  • Started her practice on unlocking the coding as a toddler
  • Started her diligent daily effort at the age of six to disrupt the coding that generate stress.
  •  Being a standby assistant for doctoral parents when dealing with home visiting patients gave her chance to observe the coding secret on other people
  • ​Live with doctoral parents in medical world, go night-shift with mother when resided into the residential building inside the city hospital for 20 years. It enhance her habit on monitoring the coding around her.
  • ​Heritage of the 10 generations of herbal medicine family absorbing the knowledge from assisting father, who is the 11th generation.
  • ​22nd generation of Taoism health prohibition and Rehabilitation Previous master member of I-chin Science earned an award on Property Energy Master
  • ​PhD. In parapsychology and paranormal science
  • ​Certified paranormal investigator

Qualifications That Dr holds but not limited to:

  • Psychology, Cook, Clinical Hypnotherapy, social worker, Psychotherapy, Counseling, Nutrition, Dietitian, Qi Gong, I-Ching Readings, Soul Regression Therapy, Psychic readings, Past Life Regression Therapy, Transpersonal Art Therapy,
  •  Life Coach, Spiritual Knowledge & Philosophy, Parapsychology, Energy/Energetic Healing, Natural Spiritual Healing, Mindfulness Therapy, paranormal investigating…
  • ​Have gone through many training including Antony Robbin, and other business training from billionaire, wealth coaches, standup comedy, acting and performing, radio broadcasting…
  • ​ DTM award Toastmasters International | Certified Radio presenter | Trained in Acting | Standup Comedy
  • ​Certified member National Speaker of Australia, previous name of Professional Speaker Australia
  • ​When you want to get solid instant tangible result, you need someone you can count on when it comes to secure and enjoy wealth & success & fulfilment .
  • ​Mind Power Lady can definitely help you secure wealth & success & fulfilment, Enjoy what wanted without suffering, and sense of control!

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