Unshakable Transcendence 4 Achievers Beyond Cradle To Grave  

How Aspirational Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Property Investors Are Preparing For The Great Shifting And Why you Should too…

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them" 

--Albert Einstein

We Victimise Ourselves When Living Within the Limits

Freedom Counts On Capability Level of Mastering The Game of Matrix with Different Faces And Benefit Most from it 

Unshakable Life Quality When Living Beyond

  • Boost and manipulate the Immunity of physical, emotional and mental State to the Maximum Level 
  • Enjoy the most as a human with high performance dealing with business, career and personal life until you decide to leave this body for next level of adventure 
  • The superpower you generated automatically 24/7 can ensure you access to high Dimension reality with skyrocket speed when the physical body is facing the damage due to disaster, etc. 
  • You become the energy centre of global peace around you and benefit everyone

Master How To Surf In  The Energy Sea of Both Realities

This is Why Most Achievers, High Achievers, Super Achievers Can Not Escape The Defaulted Wobbling Struggle In This Secular World With The Sense of Fear and Uncertainty Until The Last Breath Who Invested and/or Continue to Invest Massive Dollars Searching for Universal Mental Tool Through Masters, Gurus, Healers, Spiritual Leaders, Cultivation Monks, etc 

The #1 Secret Technique To Prevent Uncontrollable Life Journey Is Revealed

Start protecting your lifelong Fulfilment today and prepare for the greatest transmutation from every corner of your life in AI age. Be weaponed for the unpredictable in global web of Artificial Intelligence.

The Easiest Way To Avoid an Achievement Wipe Out and Access a Level of Prosperity Usually Only Available to the self-driven inspirational individuals who desire a true freedom beyond limits in real secular world.

Every inspirational individuals should take proactive approach towards Stephen’s note like “The real risk with AI isn’t malice but competence. A super intelligent AI will be extremely good at accomplishing its goals, and if those goals aren’t aligned with ours, we’re in trouble," he noted.

Imagine waking up one day where you no longer in control of your environment worse than the past isolation from COVID, and your life is completely monitored by artificial intelligence, not even to mention "Stephen Hawking Warns Us to Stop Reaching Out to Aliens Before It's Too Late".

It means everything you own can disappear in a suddenly. The only thing left is the “I”, you, the combination of flesh, mind and soul..

Have I got your attention yet?

Yes I know many of you learn life is so unpredictable after the catastrophic experience in COVID.

We can lose life without a warning sign, we can lose our beloved ones before we even get a chance saying good bye to them.

But learning is not good enough. Arm ourselves and be capable of dealing with any critical events that can threaten our fulfilment is the key.

The Earth dimension is shifting to a new level. If we are not skilful to escape the control of universal law of hypnotic rhythm, we will be left behind with sorrow. 

Every new change is happening in this AI Age with shocking speed.

Every corner of our life is in the process of resetting and it is under an agenda based on universal law that is determined by every factors behind the game-players at different levels of dimensions. 

Taking full use of the only asset that you can dominate is the only but Ultimate solution to stay in control no matter what.

We can always stay tall and enjoy freedom beyond.

A full stop in life journey is what every inspirational individuals expect. But without matched anti-hypnotic mental skill , an eventual failure is predictable sooner or later. Most of us stumble along the way until last breath after they either feel tired to deal with or forced to accept unwanted reality.

When you surf the internet, you can easily find a lot news like that each day. Below is a list of typical failure from those we look up to, reinforced by the lack of mental skill that is designed to fight the control of universal hypnotic rhythm.

1. Enormous wealth loss and suicide trapped by Bernard Lawrence Madoff, the confessed operator of the largest Ponzi scheme in world history and the largest financial fraud in U.S. history 2008.

2.The murder and dismemberment Tech CEO and investor Fahim Saleh trapped into at home by his personal assistant, 2020.

3. 76,000 victims suffer from the death of 30-year-old Gerald Cotten, CEO of Canadian cryptocurrency due to complications, who took about $163 million USD in bitcoin to the grave with him.

4. Accidental death- Bollywood legacy encountered accidental drowning in her bathtub 2018

5. Canadian Billionaire couple Barry Sherman and Honey Sherman were murdered by “Numerous ‘persons of interest’.

6. Steve Jobs, the previous Apple CEO, who didn’t want his body to be cut open for medical treatment, tried alternative medicine wasted on wrong mind power for “nine months before agreeing to the surgery”

7. Paul Allen, Microsoft co-founder died due to cancer after medical treatment.

8. Dilemma pulled Steve Bing Hollywood movie mogul into suicide 2020

9. “Not unexpected” suicide of Iconic billionaire fashion designer Kate Spade.

10 Sexual desire-HIV Freddie Mercury a British singer, songwriter, record producer, and lead vocalist of the rock band Queen.

11. Kelly Catlin, Olympic track US Olympian and three-time world track cycling champion, died by suicide at the age of 23. She suffered “the mind never ends spinning spinning spinning and rest." And "the feeling like I no longer have a mind."

12. Gambling King Stanley Ho in Macao lost control of his wealth, dignity, health slowly after retirement and encountered a scary death at age 98

They are just innocent victims. The world is running based on human mind that is driven by hypnotic rhythm which is like a coin with two-sides. 

Looking for the balance in life and enjoy peaceful mind under the control of hypnotic rhythm is costly and fatal when facing threatening events.

Regardless rich or poor, with social power or not, each of us can be fooled by the universal law. The hypnotic trap is going to gain momentum faster and faster along with the application of artificial intelligence.

Game changing starts from your hidden mental power. Imagine you can monitor how you react towards the outside world through your own well-established “AI” made from flesh.

With a moment of “unconscious” thought, you are able to play TaiJi 24/7 with what is going on inside your body components. As a result, you can accumulate invisible assets against the unwanted destiny and gain current, future benefit.

What would this cutting-edge mental skill, fulfilment security and superpower mean to you if it can not only boost holistic immunity, multiply productivity in your daily performance but break the curse of scaring death or unpredictable afterlife?

Perhaps you would start looking for ways to detect loops in every corner of your life journey
and master the anti non-initiative hypnotic mental skill to protect every aspect in your life?

Or you would start breaking the boundaries of your belief system, limited perceptions and looking beyond so to adjust your mind towards any possible situation through your next decades of life journey as a human being.

Without accurate anti non-initiative hypnotic mental skill to identify and receive the signal of the present mental energy ripples, we will be numbed and incapable to respond to the bursty catastrophic events to survive through your whole life journey.

Every mindset guru and prophets who I respect highly from the optimist to the pessimist are either unaware or unskilful in this specific skill right now. Otherwise, they would not need to waste their endless efforts and time for productivity and high-performance on meditation, mind-rewiring, etc while living in a busy life chasing dreams.

They all know currently we are in the brewing period of an unexpected reality. The only question you need to ask is - are you weaponed well for this new reality?

Does everyone have a desire for super mental skill?

The short answer is “Yes”...

Every human being on earth has a strong desire for a super mental power to free themselves from the pain, suffering and enjoy joyful life forever. 

Believe it or not, most of us ends up a failure because of the control of hypnotic rhythm of universal law and get lost with their direction, purpose and goal, not even to mention die under the fear, with the sense of helplessness or anxiety caused by the sense of uncertainty if there would be a God or superpower to rescue.

As a result of limited perception, we suffer a startling collapse in every corner of life: physical health, emotional health, mental health, relationship, parenting, wealth, etc you name it.
In the age of artificial intelligence, human being becomes more venerable mentally as we will have less and less chance to practise mental muscle.

In ancient times, each revolution change in human society caused regional depression. COVID affects everyone on earth, a massive global depression.

Regardless what kind of change in human history, the same rule is repeating itself again today!

That is we are controlled by the spell of world hypnotic rhythm.

Sadly most people are so trapped and stuck into the denial black hole without a chance to escape what’s really going to happen in their life. Brain fog of "conspiracy theory" is a good sample, which causes massive fear and negative mental energy vibration.

So ask yourself…

Are you fed up with yourself:

  •  Waste couple of hours precious time on Meditation
  • ​Repeat high maintenance on mental strength  
  • ​Unstable performance suffered from stress, fear, mental block
  • ​Endless suffering on physical health
  • ​Uncontrollable emotion changes
  • ​​Paterns caused by mental trap
  • Distractive intimacy in any shape of form
  • ​Stressed by property investment
  • ​Helpless or no mental skill to handle the connection with your deceased beloved one for the sustainable personal benefit
  • ​Reluctancy to leave massive wealth behind
  • ​Hopeless future with your accomplishment
  • ​Slow or no process on mind self-discovery
  • ​Chronic pain dealing with family
  • ​Being stuck handing the variety of matrixes that effect life quality
  • ​Scared about how to think and deal with the predictable death experience as a human

Instead, are you ready to...

  •  Keep high performance with calm mind and generate more profit 
  • Monitor emotions with a finger snap
  • Dominate the mind instead of being slaved and save more time for goals
  • ​Allow intimacy to keep you living an inspirational life forever
  • ​Stress-free property investment
  • Use the Yin-property as a powerhouse to new level of success
  • ​Be empowered by sustained solution accumulating asset.
  • ​Use the trigger behind the achievement to deal with stress from AI Age
  • ​Fastrack or accelerate the process on self-discovery to the maximum within desired timeframe
  • ​Be inspired through engaging with children and family
  • ​Master how to survive through the unlimited universal matrix games 
  • ​Use your busy lifestyle and initiative to boost your holistic immunity, and consistent body high performance to chase dreams. 
  • ​ Access unshakable capacity to pivot powerfully when facing the challenge at the gate between life and death

If you answered “YES” to any of the above, you’re in the right place at the right time.

I believe the universe has led you to this page for a reason.

Most people are used to living in the comfort zone and only fight when current situation cannot give what they want based on the programmed six senses controlled by the hypnotic rhythm.

Most inspirational individuals don’t have an independent mind radar working on their behalf beyond the control of universal hypnotic rhythm. As a consequence, they can not escape the default destiny living in the paradox of success and suffering.

The worst truth is that the more they build mental strength the further they are away from the true fulfilment under the universal hypnotic law. Each moment of strength they accumulate will turn into a bomb without a clock. And will explode when time with the right condition is ready.

No-One is coming to the rescue, don’t let the universal law of hypnotic rhythm to reset your destiny to benefit others in Random and leave you drowning into the whirlpool  black hole of lifelong  sense of uncertainty and insecurity and no chance to pivot when facing the Death Gate!!!

I’am telling you, it makes no difference where you are now physically, emotionally, mentally, financially, relationship wise, etc. 

You can feel super cool and everything in control, but if you don’t weapon your self with essential mental skill on anti non-initiative universal hypnotic control that is to guard against how it works on humans, you’ll be wiped out when time comes and pushed by default into the miserable human life circle, that is so called “destiny” with fear and uncertainty.

In all honesty, I’m astonished how inspirational super achievers are trapping themselves into the destiny designed by universe without awareness and without using accurate thinking and powerful mind like how they handle intricate deals and negotiations.

This is the exact reason I created the Achievers Superpower…
It’s a system that I discovered before age of six and developed for over half century working on myself and with my private clients.

I’ve been personally showing them how to use their thoughts and take advantage of the busy mind to boost holistic immunity, pivot through all kinds of unexpected situations, difficulties without being trapped into the mud of harmful and destructive hypnotic rhythm.

On top of that, I’ve invested over one million US dollars into study, research and tests of any mental energy that attracted my attention, not even to mention risking my life several times including to access a new level of human potential beyond the limits of physical body and the mind.

Now I am sharing this same Superpower with you!

You will unlock everything you need to know. I will guide you through, step by step, and give you the tools and the strategies to reset your mind, and to access the "'largely inaccessible' said Sigmund Freud" unconscious mind that is unused by you and , with accurate thinking that is controlled by hypnotic rhythm.

Why am I doing this? 

Because you don’t deserve to be one of the victims and being shaped and decimated by the master monitoring the invisible chips in the part of mind you have never known how to dominate for your purpose.

You are not the sheep, you are your own master. And this is why you are initiative and aspirational. You have desire, you take actions to make things happen.

You are like me, who want to be the boss of own destiny.

Now at this point you might be thinking, Dr Angela are you serious?

Yes, I am -100%

I never joke about protecting and building effective proactive approach

The universe has its rule and majority of us have to contribute to this earth ecosystem as sheep, this is your chance.

 If we don't want to victimise ourselves, we have to learn how to break the invisible net work of intricate hypnotic web. You already have the quality from the within.

After decades of intention of helping everyone and being inspired from serving some unique achievers who suffered tremendously during COVID, I decided to focus on my effort only helping those aspirational individuals who are ready to live in the future and go beyond limits as my mission serving global peace.
This is why now “Achievers Superpower” is created
Results Don’t lie. And now you can achieve new level of life quality without struggling to commit couple of hours in meditation or GYM to keep your high performance for your goals.

You know that you would have achieved more if you don’t need to spend time on meditation, mind-rewiring, etc to reset your mind. You know you can be more powerful if you don’t carry burden from the past or others as part of you.

This is just small thing you can benefit from Achievers Superpower. With it, you will learn how to use reverse engineer to master whatever of mental skill you want that matches your lifelong goals.

It’s insane to think about the majority of aspiring individuals running the circling like rat spinning without the capacity to predict the bumps and fatal fall only a step ahead. It’s up to you to decide if you’re going to weaponise yourself for what’s ahead and access your “Achievers Superpower”.

They are 12 angles freedom to tap into.
  • Monitoring your physical health
  • ​Taming your emotions
  • ​Smash your mental blockage
  • ​Uplifting the holistic lifelong outcome through your intimate life
  • ​Sustain our wealth accumulation to the next level beyond
  • ​Convert the mental strength behind achievement into the invisible bullets of projection
  •  Effortless property investment
  • ​ Boost holistic life quality from Yin property
  • ​ Skilful in tapping into the mysterious part of the mind that is unknown by the most
  • ​Breakthrough any unpredictable Matrix web
  • ​Empowered to uplifting the achievement trhough difficult relationship with children and family members
  • ​Turn fear  and uncertainty towards death into power to maximise lifelong achievements 

Join the privileged tribe and be one of the pioneers who have had their eyes open and on the journey. Break the curse of hypnotic web and avoid being a casualty of the world misery and human tragedy.

And the best part is this…

You don’t need a spend years or lifetime working on your emotional mind using meditation, mind rewiring, neurolinguistic  programming, etc high maintenance techniques.

I’m about to show you exactly how you can put the same strategies usually reserved for the ultra aspirational individuals to use to navigate the mental strength synchronously with each thoughts consciously and unconsciously.

Not only that, you’re about to unlock the following…

  • How to rapidly divid the energy blockage hidden behind physical, emotional and mental health and decomposes it to atoms and particles level on prevention, rehabilitation and recovery (and why skipping this crucial step comes at a high lifelong cost)
  • ​How to read the energy of anyone anytime effortlessly using three minds when making investment to prevent traps and bring double security
  • ​The 3-step “Achievers Superpower” system turns the unfair mental advantage of every savvy aspirational business owners, entrepreneurs, business and property investors into weapon to break the hypnotic spell (each steps has been around for thousands of years, and you can use this Ultimate practical skill to enjoy your sense of freedom beyond the reach of the most)
  • ​The critical factors for separating the ultra-aspirational individuals to bypass the control of the hypnotic rhythm from the day-dreamers masses… and how these same factors are available to you right now to execute with predictability and certainty

Best of all, unlocking your Achievers Superpower has already transmuted many individuals living with busy lifestyle in high-demanding industry ( including actors, politicians, entrepreneurs, property investors)

Unlocking your Achievers Superpower has already transmuted many individuals living with busy lifestyle in high-demanding industry ( including actors, politicians, entrepreneurs, investors)




  • Are you tired of living with ineffective daily performance limited by physical health ?
  • Are you stuck to achieve 10X  outcome beyond the control of emotions ?
  • Do you desire to stop mental struggle when dealing with career and personal life  ?
  • Are you a savvy achievers living in fear?
  • Maybe you’ve never had discovered how to protect your ultra generational wealth beyond the limit of physical reality
  • Are you already wealthy and consider yourself a financial success, but look for mind expansion beyond the limit?
  • Maybe you  want to ensure you would not fall into the default human tragedy

If you answered “YES” to any of the above, then you are ready to unlock Your Achievers Superpower and Live beyond the jail of universal network of hypnotic web.



This self-help Achievers Superpower package will give you everything you need to avoid a universal wipe out from the Great Reset along with giving you the exact tools, strategies and step-by-step systems to practically uplifting holistic life quality, and rapidly strengthen your power to the sense of freedom.

However once you get started, you’re going to have more questions, which is why I am going to give you access to BOOK A PRIVATE “ONE TO ONE” Consultation to discuss how you can 100% escape any unpredictable traps and life in true sense of abundance without relying on meditation, mind-rewiring, magic drug pills to calm your distractive busy thoughts and keep chasing your dreams. 

  • So you’ll be able to generate mental power along daily practical life performance...
  • You’ll discover how to turn the energy behind the 12 angles into one power to break the spell...
  • You’ll get the same customised formula that designed to last forever…
  • ​Just like the hundreds of clients who have already unlocked this same mental strength to soar past their freedom goals.
  • ​And now you have the opportunity to experience the results for yourself…


ABOUT Dr Angela Wilson

Angela is a Freedom creation and protection specialist based in Australia. 

She is passionate about freedom beyond limits and freeing people from the default universal hypnotic web that cursed on human being.
In Dr Angela’s words, her mission is to "empower people to take control of their own life experience through Achievers Superpower. It’s your birthright to be successfully dominate your three minds and escape the trap beyond the catch of the whirlpool of hypnotic web. ”
She is known for his eccentric and out-of-the-box approach to life and creative yet 100% tangible ways of minimising life-suffering and maximising pleasure - which she shares as a international speaker, media interview guest, author, consultant, etc.

Angela has over fifty years experience in practising achievers superpower, including 30 years at awakening shifting, over twenties qualifications as holistic researcher, mentor, coach and trainer on the crux of human suffering, earth miserable. 
   Although Dr Angela Wilson is based in Brisbane Queensland Australia, her clients are worldwide. 
She is well-known around international aspirational achievers circle who are time-poor, living in the high-demanding industry with busy lifestyle. 



At this point, you’ll need to make a decision.

Do the same as you’ve always done to get the same results you’ve always gotten

Take action and never look back as you’ll improve your sense of domination the future forever.

There are only really two options…

Option 1) You close down this page, walk away and carry on with your life oblivious to what’s coming. You ignore the trends, you try and forget everything I told you about the top secret that most aspirational individuals are wasting the whole lifetime chasing their tails and fail eventually. 

You continue on with your life and hope that everything will work out and keep putting your trust in how you think, feel controlled by the emotional mind and subjective limited belief 

But before you do that consider option 2…

Option 2) You make a small pivot to commit to your future level of freedom and unlock your Achievers Superpower to bring you unshakable holistic abundance. 

I can honestly say…. I’m so confident the Achievers Superpower will work for you just like it has for our high paying private clients.

And the good news is that it doesn't require you to commit "massive time ” studying the theory.  

You don’t need to spend lifetime to achieve the level of freedom you want and desire.

It even doesn’t matter how your mind has been conditioned when you are starting with…

You simply need to have strong desire to use your brain in a way that can break the hypnotic rhythm and multiply the current, future and infinite result ...and make it as your 2nd nature like how to breathe naturally in daily life regardless what you do. So easy and simple!

All you need to do is click the button below to get started immediately and have lifelong breakthrough in your 
Achievers Superpower

Start building your true freedom TODAY!

Start today before it gets locked away forever!

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